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Old 05-26-2014, 10:47 PM
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Default Repeater Slippage?

Just noticed the reorganization of the forum - with the Ripsizer getting its own topic and then combining the Square and the Repeaters. Cool. Makes sense to me.

I've used the Square with excellent results for a few years. Very effective and accurate.

I finally got around to using my Repeaters for the first time last weekend ... and I have to admit that I stumbled a bit with them.

I put the repeaters on the track and then tried to figure out how to add the clamps too. I was helping my brother at my sister's house, didn't have the repeater instructions with me ... and we had no room for error on plywood cuts ... so I put the repeaters away and resorted to the old tried & true careful measuring of each cut - using the clamps.

Which leads to my question ... now after looking at the Repeater instructions there is clearly an expectation that the repeaters are used without clamps. I feared that the track would slip during the cuts and mess things up. Is that not a problem when using the repeaters?? Do people butt the nearer repeater up against the edge of the wood - to prevent slippage?

I looked through this entire forum category and there are VERY few posts about the repeaters. Are there repeater users out there?

On a side note ... last weekend I actually stumbled upon using the square and one repeater together with awesome success ... without knowing I was using a Cabinet Maker. The brother was very impressed too. Now today I found the Cabinet Maker instructions and see that is what I was doing. Awesome.
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