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Old 11-27-2016, 04:57 PM
mvstuhff mvstuhff is offline
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Default True Trac system

I hve been saving up for a Journeyman. Then I saw the website for the True Trac. Is it a rip-off, improvement or a knock-off of the EurekaZone sytem?
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Old 11-27-2016, 06:40 PM
kenk kenk is offline
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Looks like a cheap - wanna-be system. Yeah, in my mind its a cheap rip off of the EZ jSmart system.

Looks lihe the track is a single layer of aluminum like ALL of the other competiors - not nearly as robust as the EZ Smart rail.

The "dumb base" does not appear to provide ANY alignment assist to ensure the blade is parallel to the tack, nor does it appear to have the zero-clearance insert feature of the EZ Smart Base - nor does it have the anti-kickback fin.

I think the base is the weakest point of the system.

There are limited accesories. The router base is just a short base - nothing as nice as the SSRK. Not much to grow with.

Ken K.
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Old 11-27-2016, 10:14 PM
sean9c sean9c is offline
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I've no feelings about TrueTrac one way or the other. If you're comparing a Journeyman to TrueTrac you're not comparing products with the same functionality. TrueTrac is just another tracksaw system. I don't see how it can be called a ripoff of EZ unless you want to say that all the tracksaw makers are ripping off whoever did it first. For better or worse TrueTrac does have features that are unique from the others. However it does have antichip edges on both sides of the blade and it does provide alignment assist to ensure the blade is parallel the track. As far as I can see on their website they only make a sawbase so nothing to mount a router.
It looks to me to be a pretty basic, inexpensive, system that'd likely work OK. If you're looking for a system that you can expand the capabilities of it doesn't look like the TT would be a good choice.
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Old 11-27-2016, 11:27 PM
philb philb is offline
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Default True Track vs EurekaZone

To whoever is interested: True Track has been around for awhile, and not new. They are attempting to make a competing system to EZ and position it in the marketplace based upon price points not task or product quality. The "ripoff" arguments will never produce anything positive. If you do not believe me go to Sawmill Creek and mention EurekaZone and Festool. Many of us long term members remember those days. Only one word expresses that time -- Ugly!

In truth all products have "roots" or similarities to each other. All inventors take an idea or observation from some one or something else and make it cheaper, or better, or evolved into different application. This is the nature of our free market capitalistic society.

All of the above noted, there was a time when Dino relied on legal paperwork and lawyers to protect his intellectual property. Even Dino might tell you that was not productive or effective. Too many competitors got inside the shop at EZ and did in fact abuse the legal paperwork. I will not air the dirty laundry as it were, and keep this forum moving into positive, forward thinking arenas.

True Track is a different product. They make a product that will please some buyers but not please the EurekaZone user. True Track is a track saw without the fully developed thinking of EurekaZone. Dino developed the "deadwood concept system" and no one else has come close to that fully developed line of reasoning. Festool makes great tools, and yes they are expensive, but quality comes at a price. The reasoning behind the Festool products are different than EurekaZone. Yes Festool uses a track as do ALL track saws. None of the track saw products have the "deadwood concept system" in their development. Dino was the only inventor or innovator to build a system upon a concept and apply the concept, the task, and safety into the product. With EurekaZone, safety wasn't an add on after thought -- personal safety is the center the entire product line. If you do not know or understand the "deadwood concept" I encourage you to research the topic, here on this forum. If you understand "deadwood concept system" you can see the difference. Having a track is a matter of coincidence, not competition. You can not compare track saw to track saw, because there are different motives for using a track.

I will stop here, as anymore will only confuse. Please read the "deadwood concept"
Forum Administrator
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Old 11-28-2016, 12:16 AM
Dino Dino is online now
Master Carpenter
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Originally Posted by mvstuhff View Post
I hve been saving up for a Journeyman. Then I saw the website for the True Trac. Is it a rip-off, improvement or a knock-off of the EurekaZone sytem?
The owners of the mentioned track saw visited eurekazone and I provide them with free tools and samples
in order to sell eurekazone at the trade shows.
After shipments via UPS got lost???? and they keep asking for replacements and more free stuff...
I realized that I was dealing with 2 con-man operation.
This is very normal in the industry. Dewalt-Festool- Makita studied the patents of EZ system
very well and they found "few openings" and ways to go around the ez-systems
and copied selective features that was hard and very expensive
for ez to spend time and money to go after them.
(BY-directional-anti chip on the outside of the blade. anti-chip of the tracks-Repeaters.
Antickick back tracks ( we don't even need it on the ez system but for the plunge saws is a must)
The patent laws are very bad for the new-small companies
and they serve only one purpose. Free ideas for the thieves.
The original ez team spend 3 years to design and test the ez system.

The goal was to create a system capable to replace many tools and
the same time to make it ez for all ez users to create and come up
with unlimited setups using few simple extrusions and their brains.
The 'open design' allows the user to create any tool that he can dream...

The fact is that for the first time we can rip narrow pieces, tapered cuts and
do things that is very dangerous ans difficult with traditional tools or any other track saw system.
All the above with off the shelf blades and power tools.

Look for Burt's, Rick's, Dick's, Joe's and so many other ez users that
take ez to the next level and made ez...easier and smarter.
For 15 years we don't have any accident reported.
ez made woodworking safe-smart and affordable.

enjoy and happy holidays.
ycf dino

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Old 11-28-2016, 02:52 PM
sean9c sean9c is offline
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TrueTrac doesn't show up on the Shopsmith website anymore and the TT website doesn't mention Shopsmith. I wonder if someone other than Shopsmith is doing TT now?
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