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Old 11-28-2017, 11:15 PM
Dino Dino is offline
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Originally Posted by bumpnstump View Post
Job well done, Dino! Looks like you're trying to wean me away from my cobbled-together, shop-built version, to get one of these....

Guess I better start saving up for when they're ready for purchase; please put me on the list.
Rick, back many years we started with tools like yours and they worked better than cnc's in many cases. So many setups with the simple SSRK ,
tunnel routing and in one case with 5 tools inline..
planers-routers and saws to align an both sides-make 2 grooves and cut
to width parts for ez...Just like your stuff. and Burt's.
I'm sure I can"t even work like that again because the cnc makes you lazy.
No more thinking or creativity. Just pushing numbers and more numbers.

I'm a fan of your work , Burt's and all the ez builders.
No, I'm not trying to take your money...EZ is hangry this time.
Very hungry. but not for your money....
ycf dino

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