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Old 03-24-2011, 11:22 PM
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Default Imagine...

I will start with the smart base.

with only the $25.00-30.00 base system and your own straight edge, ( level, piece of plywood strip, Masonite, aluminum...)
you have a system that offers better antichip protection than $500.00 and $700.00 tracksaw systems.
about the saw? Use any saw. the results are the same.
even with a bad saw and blade the AC-1 prevents the uplifting of fibers resulting always in a cleaner cut.

the smart base was designed over 4 years and it was modified many times
before making the base available. Even last week we made it easier to install and align.
video to follow...
total cost of the mold including testing and mods?
over $55.000.00

the results? Imagine using a $5.00 framers blade and have better and cleaner cuts than a $200.00 blade.
I know that this sounds crazy but if you look close at the AC-1 inserts you will see the design details.
the ac-1 is not flat.
works like a spring loaded zero clearance plate after the initial trimming.
how thick the plastic has to be and what type of plastic works better?
can we have designed a mold that we can test all plastics? No.
every plastic works different and the mold has to be designed for that plastic.
after many tests and 4 years we finally found he right blend that produced perfect results.

a $2.00 item saves $100's and even $1000's over the years.
no more high priced blades and extra sandpaper.
no more the need to buy/transport/setup and use multiple tools to have a clean cut.
Imagine the time savings and all the rest.
yes, I know. one item like a smart base is not enough to cover the usual problems cutting and installing tapered fillers and finished panels.
we need more smart tools but before we start talking about the other tools
of the ez-system...let's find out what we can do with only the smart base.

here I will post one old video until the new one is ready.
to be continue with a new video soon and with more details.
enjoy the old video for now.
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ycf dino

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Old 04-21-2011, 01:26 AM
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Default the smart clamping system.

some times the problem is that we're forced to use the wrong tool
for the job. going back to pushing solid lumber into spinning blades and against fences is simply WRONG to say the least.

Archimedes was able to keep an army of Romans at bay for very long time before the Romans use his ideas to destroy the town
that Archi was protecting. at the end the Roman general give very clear orders to his soldiers NOT to kill Archimedes...we all know the story.

gravity is everywhere and is the ultimate balancing force.
Why I remember Archi?
Lately i'm working on his screw.
His irrigation screw that turn the nomads into land keepers.
I use the idea of gravity and screw to keep my drill bits clean without any mist and chemicals.
works like gravity. 100%.

now we have to think about whells and counterbalancing forces.
The wheel/blade on the CS spins upwards and forces the wood under the sawbase.
the saw base is the ultimate safety device and works like a pressure plate that we build for some very dangerous machines.

On the normal sidewinders the forces work together to eliminate the usual kickbacks that we all know from the front plunge saws like Festool's, Dewalt's Makita's and all the front action plunge saws.
Hilti's website was very clear about positive teeth engagment and why they don't like to offer similar front plunge saws...

next in line is the simple smart clamping system.nothing special. a simple device that holds the narrowest piece of wood at the right place
defying gravity and binding forces. Total control and safety.
with the smart clamping system there is no reason to count your fingers.
ycf dino

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Old 04-15-2012, 11:04 PM
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one simple ez track, one universal base and two clamps is all
that we need to do just about anything.
BUT...ourl relation with tools that separated us from other animals
and put us on the top of the food chain asks for more and ezsier solutions.

the most iportant tool on any track system is not the track or the saw.
the best supporting system offers th best comes the smart tale.
you know is the #1 loved tool if you have one and you don't use it.
I must have 10 smart tables. I like them all and I don't use them anymore...
don't ask why.
Been afraid to try new ways is believing that you already have the best solution and you can easily give up in a new and better idea.
this is just me? NO. A small company is more flexible and before you apply for any patent you better start working on the next and better one.

The next "better smart table" is not even a table.
Imagine that?
ycf dino

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Old 05-02-2012, 10:38 PM
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Due to our quest for a laez way and time limitations...( excuses-excuses)
A British guy said once that the easiest thing is to make one.
Not a story stick but an excuse.

I can't see the relation of a story stick and an excuse but I know that both are super easy to make...Which one is the easiest?
You know and I know...This is why we invented the Repeaters.
After all we need a way to accurately position the track to the wood.
Relying on tape measures, pencil marks and eye site is 3 combined problems
and we just can't figure out how we managed to screw-up the cut.

Funny sory about the repeaters.
It was like the 3rd world war with users of other straight edges and even editors of fine woodworking magazines.

to be continue...
ycf dino
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Old 05-26-2013, 01:53 PM
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Master Carpenter
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Location: Edison NJ
Posts: 5,156

Yesterday I tested the first ever safe cross cutting system.
yes. as any other ez tool, rip and angle cuts to.

I tried for one hour to have an accident and at the end...
I walked away from the tool saying:
SAFETY is not an accident....
no idea why I was talking to myself...
some times. words come out without any thinking or goals...

does that makes sense?

Safety is not an accident?

Phil, How do you open the ez-101?


time to open the ez-101....
ycf dino
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Old 05-26-2013, 06:21 PM
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Default Yes it make sense

Yes that does make sense in more than one way. Good slogan I think.

This forum is open. I just checked.

Forum Administrator
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