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Old 09-22-2016, 11:11 PM
coryrc coryrc is offline
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Default UEG + Moduni

I have a Makita 10-1/4" saw on a Moduni base. It's a bit heavy, but it'd be nice to have only one saw and set of blades, at least for now. So what's the best way to have a UEG with a Moduni base?

I'm thinking of building something out of UHMW like the universal saw base on the ends, but with the top shaped like guide rail in the middle, and only just long enough to fit the saw base.

My other ideas:
1. Adding brackets to the moduni so it mounts just like the universal saw base onto the UEG's T-track. Changing anti-chip inserts is a pain and requires calibration.

2. Build a short version of the rip sizer, but with a handle like the UEG. But won't the guide rail dent or scratch soft woods?

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Old 11-15-2016, 06:18 AM
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No help from EZ on this?
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