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Old 04-07-2011, 02:15 AM
bigjohn1 bigjohn1 is offline
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Hey guys don't get me wrong I'm as cheap as it can get lol.
But there is just something about this stuff that tells me to buy you won't regret it.

And when there is a system of tools I like to have them all so I'm not missing anything like a coin collection. It can get to be a lot of money spent and trust me I don't have mutch after two wives but also I can't take the money with me can I. So what I do is stay ahead of the bills and so on but buy what I like.

I really don't need all that I bought but happy I have it.
Then I went out looking at the price of wood holly uck fa for the price of a piece of plywood I bought my first car. I think the last time I bought a piece of 8x4 plywood not even top of the line was 20 dollars a sheet 3/4"
Now its like 60 dollars and lets not even talk about hardwood.
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