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Old 09-16-2013, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by appleguy View Post
I've been a member for awhile and a just took delivery of n EZ-one.
Good thing I read this post since I had the same question.

But I am confused.

I've been luking and watching Dino's videos and my EZ-one is diferent from the one in the videos. How come? There used to be a mechined center track before and more substantial plastic with the end rail parts. Was there a design change that I missed reading about?

Oh..and one of the anti-chip edg was also has a chiped end. Making me wonder if someone was in hurry when putting my order together.

Welcome to the Tracksaw Forum.

The first EZ one did have a foam filled center SSME. The design was updated. I don't think they've sold the 1st version for 18+ months? The current version has fewer parts.

Most of my anti-chip inserts were longer than the track that they came with. While they are a consumable part, contact Eurekazone if you need it replaced. They have always been helpful with my requests.

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