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Old 04-30-2017, 01:49 AM
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I use a speed square all the time. However, considering the time and effort involved to modify any existing angle unit or miter gauge, it makes sense to me to use something with a higher degree of accuracy.

I recently asked Incremental Tools about the possibility a gauge for track saws. They said that they weren't ready to expand their product line. In other words, they didn't see enough profit in it but they did suggest a couple of specific gauges that would likely be better to modify and said to call if I wanted more help. To me, that's a green light to use their stuff to make whatever I want. EZ also helps in the same way.

For my needs, it should attach to the guide rail easily and securely and be very accurate with minimal or no calibration. Maybe I can merge EZ and Incra pieces. I have an idea. Hopefully, I'll have time to experiment soon.
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