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Old 12-27-2014, 09:38 PM
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Default Eurekazone Web Site Suggestions

A few months back (when the weather was a tad warmer) my brother and I worked on a woodworking project and he was impressed with my EZ Smart tools. Yesterday he asked me to e-mail him some information about them. This led me to look at the Eurekazone web site from the perspective of a new user/buyer, and I find it continues to be confusing.

It should clearly show how the EZ-ONE and also the EZ guide rails and accessories can do most (all?) of what a table saw and router table can do.

It should give beginner recommendations for what to consider buying for given uses and why.

The biggest thing that I think would help is to make sure that every major accessory includes a SIMPLE video showing that component in use. The EZ SMART Universal Saw Base is a very good example of this being done and how VERY useful it is.

Videos should be included for Guide Rail tracks (showing the anti-chip edges, the connectors, and the clamps ... also recommendations for useful track length combinations), the Clamp System, the Universal Edge Guide, the Miter Square, the Cabinetmaker, the Repeaters, the SRK, and the SSRK.
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