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Old 10-27-2018, 01:35 PM
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Default Geometry and how to ...

Hi guys.
Geometry was like a religion to me.
That and Philosophy/Logic/ Real Poetry, etc ...
What is Real Poetry?
You cannot make it, It comes like a hurricane #5-6.
The poet is just the receiver. Places, Time , dreams and Life is the creator(s)

Here is one that comes to mind.
watching the news is very depressing today. another shooter in PA.

I wasn't born in the U-S-A.
I was born across the sea.
But I fell in love with a beautiful Lady
and the USA has grown on me.

and Nobody can tell me
I don't have the right.
To love you my Lady
as much as I do.
when you open your arms and you show me the light...
You give me the right to be in Love with You.

This one come to me.. on 9-11 watching... the twins from the NJ Turnpike...

Enough with Poetry....

Back to Geometry.
Framing ,Drywall installation. Cabinets etc etc.
Where NOTHING is straight and we all know that...
But we approach the job like everything is OK.
Nothing but problems that creates more and at the end
and we end up with caulking and more of it....
Trying to close the gaps and hope that nobody will see it.
After all, the framers are to blame? Or the masons?

Most of the re-construction and remodeling starts with a demo.
A bad demo will destroy the framing ( look at the diy shows)
and the drywall will cover it up. 4-5 coats of JC and few coats of paint later...
we end -up with a wavy ceiling and crooked walls.
Were nothing fits right and everything has to get trimmed and fit.

I remember once where my team was rebuilding a Brownstone house
in North NJ...The sower Glass installer was screaming non stop.
"I can't believe it!!! I can't believe it!!!"
The home owners was terriified and asked me what is going on here?
I was so sure that my work was 100% ready and I told them that he may
had found a historical artifact...who knows?

Few minutes later the homeowners started to repeat...
"We can't believe it....

The ceiling, floor, walls and knee walls ( Custom Shower)
in a 150+ old house was ( level and straight )..
Perfect for the custom doors and Glass walls with no need of Caulking.

To be continue with drywall installation tricks.
ycf dino

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