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Old 04-10-2016, 02:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Pintail View Post
If my wife weren't in love with Austin would have a few acres out in the hinterlands. You're right about that route probably not so much fun for a Sunday bike cruise. Southern Basteop county out on 535 and in that area still rural.

Careful,what you wish for, been dying to find an excuse to take my new truck out on the road. Think I'm going o pull the trigger on the EZ system and get a Festool Vac for dust control. Have to check out the bags though. If they really cost 75 apiece will need to rethink that.

Festool is just to expensive and my research, hope it's on track, says that this system is more versitable than the others and a lot easier on the wallet. Somehow I just can't quite drink that green kool-aid.

While it all looks good and simple my pockets are deep enough to became an addict. Hope that makes since to you,
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