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Old 02-21-2013, 03:36 AM
rjwz28 rjwz28 is offline
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Default Cutting cement board?

Any of you use your tracksaw to cut cement board for tyling? I have a DeWalt and want to know if it is bad for the saw? I will be changing the blade to a cement blade and also have a vacuum cleaner hooked up to it.

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Old 02-21-2013, 08:42 AM
havehammerwilltravel havehammerwilltravel is offline
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Not sure which DeWalt you have but I've used the black-based DeWalt to cut everything from wood to metal (light gauge and heavy steel) to cinder block with no apparent harm to the tool. That being said I have the Ridgid Fiber Cement saw that is vacuum-ready and does a nice job of dust collection on its own. Also it has a blade designed for cutting cement-board and similar products. Dino has/had pictures of one on the Eurekazone site but it must have been on a Moduni base or something equally custom- on a standard base/rail setup it's depth of cut would be too shallow. If you do a lot of tiling it might be worth checking out. Makita has one too but at over double the price. Could also use the saw off the rail (measure from edge of base to blade and clamp the track accordingly). I've always cut DuRock and similar free-hand with the saw, sorry I have no experience with using a track. If this is just a floor or a wall then free hand could be good enough.
If you decide to stick with the DeWalt I would suggest using an air gun (the type you plug into the hose on an air compressor- if you don't have one they are very inexpensive- big box hardware stores all carry them as well as harbor freight) to give the tool a thorough blow out after you're done. Particularly the motor housing. This will keep the ultra-fine dust from caking up on the tool. Hope this helps- good success on your endeavor.
Havehammerwilltravel in RI

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Old 02-21-2013, 06:06 PM
Lex Lex is offline
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Why use a saw at all? You can cut it like drywall--score through the fiberglass mesh on one side and snap it. See about 58 seconds into this video:
118" track, cabinet maker and far-end repeater, and a UEG

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Old 02-22-2013, 02:02 AM
sean9c sean9c is offline
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For me anyway a scoring knife works fine for 1/4" backer board. For 1/2" it takes a lot of scoring on both sides. I use a diamond grit edge blade in my jig saw. It feels like it's cutting a little slow but not much more than scoring a bunch of times and you end up with a lot cleaner edge than a scored one.
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