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Old 04-22-2013, 04:35 AM
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Default Already done

Guys. I am not sure why the lag, but I dealt with this last week. Big Woody had some legitimate questions and after several posting I was able to help him out and get him directed.

I have not heard from him since that episode. I did make very clear to him that the way you say something is how people will respond. If you want help ask, and do not attack. That was a successful exchange. Albeit ungraceful at times, I think we got the issues straightened out.

I try to remember that many folks do not understand how they are received is dependent upon how they approach people. Some folks are still learning, as we all did at one time. I do agree that I asked the same questions as you have, until I got through. I think way too many EZ customers jump into the deep water with their purchase and really need to start small. From what I have observed here on the forum -- the guys that jump in and buy it all get angry and frustrated. They look at the big price tag and get buyers remorse. If they start small and learn and buy a little at a time, they become solid EZ converts.

Gotta figure out why that lag! This post sessions was more than a week ago!

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