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Old 02-01-2016, 09:48 PM
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Default more EZ-square mods.......

Today's project involved cutting a piece of R-panel metal roofing into 11 pieces. If I only needed to make a couple of cuts, I'd put a cutting blade on the grinder and get after it; but, w/so many cuts needed, the grinder-method wasn't looking too appealing.

I've used my plasma cutter to section-up steel and sheetmetal before, so thought I'd jig-up w/EZ track and get to work. In order to make using the track a bit easier, I put my 'mini-repeater' holders on either side of the track and attached a piece of B2B on the bottom to make a "T-square". The plasma cutter wouldn't be cutting all the way to the edge, so I wasn't worried about the B2B extending out from the cut side; and, making it into a T-square instead of an L-square made holding it in place much easier and more stable. The wooden "D" on the left edge of the track is a moveable, side-track handle.

Pic two shows cutting in action; pic three shows the entire R-panel w/all plasma cuts. To finish the cuts thru the ribs, I flipped the panel and used the grinder/cut-off wheel- much faster than doing it entirely by grinder.

Using EZ track to guide my plasma cutter wasn't new; making the EZ track into a T-square was. Some of the side benefits of using it this way surprised me: being able to lean-against, or, push w/my body, against the end of the track kept the square in place and allowed me to use both hands for cutting; having the fence of the square contact on both right and left sides of the track made the whole affair very-stable— even on the slick metal. As others have pointed out when crosscutting large panels w/an EZ square: while the square might be a true 90˚, the dynamics of the fence of the square only contacting on the left side of the track sometimes allows the far end of the track/square to 'drift', making the cut not be 90˚. If I only cut thin (1/2" or less) material, I'd mount the B2B like this all the time, and just cut thru the top section of it. But, I normally cut 3/4" thickness or greater, so this wouldn't work. Any ideas to make a left-side/right-side fence?

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Old 02-01-2016, 11:22 PM
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When one stops to think any machining operation can be attached to the track in some fashion and should be able to use the track as the straight guide.

Great example of "thinking outside the box"

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