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Old 02-10-2018, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Dino View Post
Some guys had done this already. ( the flip stops)
ez will do something better at lower price...with better function.
I suggest to make your own for now. very easy.

hopefully? read the directions and you can have it done in few minutes.the bridge only needs 2 holes and they don't even have to be perfect.
you simply set the bridge to the top of the table.
everything the directions.
the bridge is designed to self align in all heights by using the most expensive and the most durable materials with life time guarantee.
done one piece at the time and tested for perfection.

Hopefully you can start trusting ez and you.
There is no way for any company to stay alive making novelty tools.

good luck.
search the forum for multiple flip stops and story sticks.
use the forum ( best one in internet) and don't hesitate.
Thanks Dino,

I am hoping for good things. As it is, my tables have inset aprons with outset legs. So I have to do some build-out before doing the mount. If I had been smart I would have gotten some kind of extrusion (long enough to span each side). For now I will do something with some scrap wood until I see what works. I have faith in the bridge, it feels well put together in my hand, and not twisty or floppy at all. So we will see once I can get out there and start drilling and screwing things together.
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Old 02-10-2018, 11:13 PM
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Default Making woodworking safe

I've been reading and trying to digest all the topics and talk of products going around. So, I thought I would add my 2 cents.
I now am a retired design build contractor. About 3 years ago, I purchased the EZsmart track, base for the circular saw and UEG to start. After a very bad experience with customer service in FL. I swallowed my pride to try to make this $300+ purchase work. The learning curve to teach an old dog new techniques is steep. I found it too cumbersome to use in a production setting. I can cut a pretty straight line without a track. The best application I found for the entire system was about a year ago when we were doing a commercial space build out and were using some old barn wood as paneling in a furniture store and it was great to get a nice tight edge on the 1" x 12"s. The biggest complaint was the dust generated..
I know that ez makes those pipes to supposedly collect dust. I can't see it. Plus, I don't want anything in the front of the saw or the cutting area. Three months ago I purchased the Makita 36 volt cordless track saw. What a winner. Set the track, set the depth of cut and make the cut. No cord in the way and a nice dust port. I have some Makita dust bags that I stuck on the end of the dust port or I stick the Fein dust vacuum on the port. I find more than anything dust management is the key to Festool's success. It is not an after thought it is one of the first thoughts. Makita is catching on but they have a long way to go.
Dino talks about keeping woodworking safe. Well, dust control is safety.. operator safety.
When Rockler was getting out of EZ I purchased a bridge and EZ bench. I haven't had time to put them to use yet due to the cold weather in the garage. I did get a saw base for half off and I installed the Makita 6 1/4" left blade cordless 18 volt brushless circular saw on my UEG. Wow, that works slick. Now if I can get Makita to get a dust port on that saw. A UEG without a cord, now that is handy for cutting many things.
So, my recommendation to the "new" EZ: continue to focus on woodworking safety but dust management IS woodworking safety. Then, we are entering the cordless age in portable woodworking tools. Try out Makita, Dewalt or Milwaukee saws you will be amazed. Hell, in the last 5 years I still owned a Milwaukee 1/2" drill. I used it probably 5 times in 5 years. The next 5 years will be that way for circular saws. After that cordless nailers. Hitachi cordless 16d nailer is phenomenal. Dino, I would talk to Hitachi to see if they will build a EZ cordless 7 1/4" dust ported saw for the EZ i track, then give them rights to sell EZ track for their saws. I am sure they are working on a "real" cordless 7 1/4 saw.
Ok, I'm done. Well, maybe 3 cents worth. Thanks for the space to express myself.

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Old 02-11-2018, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Absinthe View Post
I wish I had access to extrusions other than "mail order" . I find it difficult to think in media that I can't touch and feel. I know that 80/20 make some generic extrusions that could be had at reasonable prices, but only if they are bought in high enough quantity to beat the shipping charges.

Alas, I must try to think in wood, Masonite and MDF since I can I did buy some extrusions that someone was selling in the unclassified section, of course what I got was not what I was expecting... because I just don't know the names and such that people are using for things here.

Still waiting for some people to either die or give up on the product to find some deals in the used market Maybe that makes me a bad person
I might be able to help- PM sent to you.....
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