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Old 08-14-2017, 08:41 PM
Dino Dino is offline
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Exclamation website designers?

Hi guys.
Many good website designers but I'm looking for an ez guy.
best to work with people that know the ez system.
please, reply to my email
ezsmart@g .. come. com

I like to start allover again,
step by step a book.
Each page dedicated to one tool with all the info upfront,
like the ez-edges. An entire page with all the info including
questions and answers. I like the ez edges but we cannot control the climate
and the extreme accuracy of aluminum and plastics extrusions. They will work even better in new tools and mod's.
(The Ez-ONE will be able to work like a tablesaw but much better and we have to remove one edge easily while the other edge will
provide pressure to the moving materials. Yes, The DWC works with the ez-one even if you move the wood.)
But we can solve any issue with smart solutions.
Very easy to go the other way and stick a piece of rubber to the extrusions but we will loose the clamping of narrow pieces. The best antichip protection.
the easy replacement without any chemicals and the easy placement of the track to the exact position. Even the square is effected from the sticky rubber and non-skid foam that is only good for few uses in few materials.

The same time we will attack and fix the problem of moving edges ( IF we have that problem) with ez answers.

Please, reply and help ez.
Our site is becoming the lavirintos ( if you know Greek mythology)

Thanks again
ycf dino
ycf dino

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