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Old 01-01-2018, 03:49 PM
Dino Dino is offline
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Default tha naming of the pyramid. Your ez minds...

Hi Guys.
I like the name of the work platform and assemble jig that
looks like a PYRAMID.

From a marketing view...I'm sure we have few here...
what slogan, name or is anything to represent the Pyramids better?

like: work elevated?

happy new year
ycf dino
ycf dino
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Old 01-02-2018, 06:01 PM
rothnic rothnic is offline
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To me I think a generic name fits for something that can be used to build a wide variety of things. You kind of have two components you are showing with the nodes (pyramids) and the connecting fabric.

To me the best word to describe the system, or the combination of the two components, is simply Structure (EZ Structure).

When building a Structure, what are the components that go into it?

1. pyramid / pier / node
2. strut / stay / beam
3? maybe additional components not yet identified

Alternative names for Structure: Truss, Framework

The benefit of branding a system around it, rather than just pyramid, is it gives the customer a better understanding of what it is for, and you room to accessorize and augment it over time.
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