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Old 04-04-2011, 03:14 AM
davegadgeteer davegadgeteer is offline
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Mine are like yours, sdssmith, they stick up about 3/16" above the working surface when they are in the lowest position. The upper (3-legged) knobs would be OK if they stop in the right orientation, but if one leg points up I think its tip would be above the working surface, so a problem.

I need to get some more T nuts, then I could put a little strap in near the foam track to hold the pieces together in case I need to remove the stops to get them out of the way. One strap wouldn't make it strong enough to really use the SME for alignment, but it would prevent having the top SME fall off if the stops are removed. Hitting the pavement is definitely not good for the extrusions. Oops, one end can be a T nut but the other has to be the little piece of extrusion with bolt.

And the top SMEs do need to be able to move or stay put reliably. I figure one can put the measuring tape on them so that it measures from the blade side, and a slight adjustment of the SME position can compensate for a different blade or position. I.e., set it up so there's an extra gap between the SME end and the center rail to allow for whatever ruler adjustment might ever be needed from saw to saw. The plastic chip preventer is lovely in principle, but seems to gradually chip out here and there, so it doesn't feel like a precision alignment feature. Also depends how squeezed it is, so varies from place to place if the piece being cut is not uniformly thick. So a good ruler seems useful, thinking of the chip preventer more as a double-check to avoid blunders.

And if I need to make the base fully captive for use with my cable drive system, I'd have to remove the chip preventer strip to use its groove for captivating. Then I'll wish I hadn't removed one side of the AC base insert (can't recall if it's #1 or #2 that you use with the track). If i just cut into the base insert, it might be good enough as a chip preventer on both sides, not just the far side.
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Old 04-04-2011, 03:35 AM
bigjohn1 bigjohn1 is offline
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Hi Dave Not sure what would be the best way to fix these problems you are having but I will see first hand next week when my EZ-One gets hear and we have some time to use it with different setups. There was a not so good EAC white plastic that was chipping more then it should and they have a new batch in now that is said to work better. I have heard many ways to make anti chip on both side work the way you like or want it to. Dino,Burt,Ken and others I'm sure will have a good idea for you to try. As for the stops hitting I think if you make some of the same from plywood and use a knurled thumb nut for the top all would be good.
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ez-one, first impression

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