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Old 04-11-2011, 03:43 PM
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Default Forgot about rip stops!

Thanks, Dino! I forgot about the rip stops. Though in some cases I was just taking half a saw kerf off the edge to straighten it, so it's hard to use stops for that. Could add some wood scraps I guess, but the bridge clamping is easiest.

Some of these may be included in my order-to-come, but please check that I get a connector kit (I want to test the cable going through a connection). I think I can extend my track with the RipSizer track for the experiment, if I have connectors.

And I need at least 2 more of the extruded pieces with bolts that one puts in the legs to hold the long side braces, because I had to steal 2 to hold my cable winding mechanism to the end of the track. And I'd like, say, 10 T-nuts. Let me know what I owe for whatever wasn't part of my order already.

I'll make a better video once I've got the braces on the legs!

I've got some ideas for slicker cable winders, but they're harder to make by hand in 1-off quantities. Would be nice to have a sawdust cover over it, and a way to prevent the cable from springing off the pulleys when the tension is removed. Some UHMW block guides should be able to control that. Larger diameter pulleys and drum would help too. And it would be nice to add a quick way to connect a drill or power screwdriver if one wants power feed.

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