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Old 02-04-2013, 04:31 PM
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Default needs some branding

Tracks and accessory needs some kind of branding. I was just at a woodworking show and saw the truetrac system. Being new to Eurekazone I could not tell much different in the tracks. All I could see is the connectors are a little different in shape. I think a seen in the forum say the truetrac system is a direct copycat of Eurekazone. Looking at what they offer I think Eurekazone will able to grow with me. I don't know anything about the quality of the tracks that truetrac offer. But I can see if someone had a bad time with truetrac. They could see Eureka track on a job site and say that they are no good thinking it was a truetrac system. That could really hurt the good name of Eureka is building. And thats how I buy most of my stuff is I ask friends. If they like their tools and should I buy a set. One thing good that I took away from truetrac is there shipping prices are much cheaper. Always thought the shipping was on the high side on the site but not knowing shipping rates I kept it to myself. Also one more thing the tracks are a little cheaper but I have all said if Eureka is willing to sale on ebay at a steep discount. They should lower the prices on the site to be more competitive but thats beside the point.
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