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Old 09-14-2018, 09:14 AM
tomp913 tomp913 is offline
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Mine didn't come with any scale markings on the arm, guess it was an early model?

Click image for larger version

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I've always adjusted the rip width by leaning the assembly on the front arm - for consistency, this always keeps the saw base tight to the same arm - and just measure from the fence to the tip of a tooth. However, as Dino demonstrated in one of his EZ1 videos, I have some blocks of commonly used widths and set them against the fence and then butt the teeth against the edge - this has given real consistent results.

One thing I did do was move the orange handle from outside the fence to inside the fence, and made it adjustable. For me, this seems to help when making wider rips as I'm able to "pull" the fence tight to the edge of the plywood. Just seemed to be more ergonomic when reaching across on the wide rips to have the handle out there rather than under me, I feel that it gives me more control.

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Name:	IMG_5045.jpg
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I just drilled the original hole all the way through and added a short section of connector extrusion.

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