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Old 04-14-2018, 06:38 PM
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Default Dovetail Jig for EZ 1?

I'm trying to get away from general contracting and remodeling to focus on casework, cabinetry, and furniture making/repair with an emphasis on fine joinery.

I have an Incra LS Super system but out of curiosity I've spent several hours over the last couple of weeks reading and watching just about every review, comparison, or demonstration I could find about dovetails.

Making hand cut dovetails is a true artisan craft but I can't afford to be another starving artist. At the other end of the spectrum is CNC and mass production, cheap and no soul. Somewhere in the middle there is bound to be a place for the woodworker who just wants to make a quality product at a fair price.

I've been looking at (pining for) the Leigh D4R Pro dovetail jig. It's about the best out there but it ain't cheap. Of course, I could just get one and mount it to my PBB but...

While watching how most dovetail and box joint jig templates and wood are simply clamped in place while the tool is moved through them, it dawned on me that this is just another application of the dead wood concept.

So, that got me to wondering. Has anyone thought of adapting or creating a dovetail or box joint template that could be attached to an EZ1 or PBB and used with the SSRK? I've already done sliding dovetail grooves but what about actual dovetail and box joints?

Templates could be mounted to the guide rail or, more easily, between the cross members of the EZ1. The work piece could be clamped securely to the top and side of the table which, aside from the template, is the key part of any jig. Set up would be about the same as most other jigs. In fact, the EZ1 is large enough for more than one template at a time.

Anyway, this is where my mind goes on lazy Saturday afternoons. I wonder if this is how the Shopsmith came to be? Lord, help me. I think I better stop now.

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