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Old 02-19-2018, 03:27 PM
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Default Mounting bridge

Rick are you easy track all the way around my custom power bench it was about 8 feet long and then I wanted to be able to slide the ridge to any position I wanted so I fasten the black plastic with easy connectors I think you could take the idea of the double rail extrusion connector and possibly re-configure to an up-and-down motion I had to try and lay it in to the top of the custom power bench and then I never did use the bench I gave it to a gentleman and Houston whose name was Larry came on the form but into thousand 14 and showed a lot of interest in Power benches I think he had some health problems with knees and hips and never really used it yet he may of come to see you I'm not sure he was retired from the Coast Guard he got lots of track and fittings on bridge I originally bought two power mention from do you know when they first came out and I enjoy playing with all The different configurations you can do with a power bench I currently have one that uses a easy modified power balance the Dino offered at one time and I have settled on a first tool track but still use the easy bridge mechanism and I have drill holes in the tabletop else Tom P9 13 did I think that's the only way you can keep the material from sliding around
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