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Old 11-13-2017, 07:02 PM
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Default Started Thinking Router Table Might Be Safe, But ...

In the last few days I started become lulled into thinking that maybe - just maybe - a router table is actually pretty safe ... and then I come across this thread in another forum:

I'm not sure who can see this thread, but the person posting was running material with a template on top - he thinks his right hand was on top of the template - when suddenly BAM!

In an instant two fingertips - gone! Right "pointer" (tip) and "middle" (to first joint).

Sheesh! 'nough said!!! Thanks for all you do Dino!!!!!!!!

Related Question: Would handheld use of a router be considered using the "deadwood concept"? I suspect not because the router is not really under control. It's like using a circular saw freehand.

Ken K.
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