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Old 12-21-2018, 01:50 PM
Dino Dino is offline
Master Carpenter
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Default in the same page...

Ken, Please, continue.
few notes:

To gain more depth of cut you can always remove one edge and use the track as an edge guide.

The UEG with the antichip ( AC-1) and antikickback ( FIN)
deliver equal or even better results than the track.
Extrusions are not always 100% perfect.
Watch few videos how the rip large panels to 4x8's and you will see
that the use gang saws with multible blades in fixed position. ( perfect rips)
Cross cutting panels and lumber are very bad because are done in line with shifting saws and in a moving conveyor.
They have no time to stop the conveyor and make a good cross cut.

The Moduni base is a 6* star tool if is done right.
If I start another system... the super moduni base will be the base not only for the saws but for the entire system.
I will call it: MOD-DINO base,
After all, I deserve to put my name in one simple tool.
MOD is for modify. after all my most productive and easy to use tool
was a Bosch sliding miter saw "taken apart" and the motor made the best CS
ever made. With Rear Plunge saw feature that is far superior to the front and awkward plunge saws in the market.
In Hilti's website they had an article about front plunge saws -kick backs and NEGATIVE teeth engagement= dangerous.
Search plunge saw and kick backs and you will fine more that you have time to read.

Ez Was trying to combine the rear plunge feature with the ez-tracks but due to
patents and other reasons...the saw never become a reality.
Until then, I suggest to install a rear spring in a small saw
and have the best of both.

I saw a video in you tube where one guy did just that.
on the never ending EZ quest for the ultimate affordable price...
We have it now. 5 guys are working part time but non stop to intro a Hybrid system or the "Hydra"
with all EZ features and even features that we can only find
in traditional machinery.

I hope I can finish sooner than later and keep the new "Hybrid" Team together.
later they can become one with EZ if all things align.
Just dino doesn't do it any more.
I need you and all ez guys to make the final revolution.
And I may even apply for NFP statue. for the good of woodworking.
I believe if you do good...good things follow.

tx Ken.
ycf dino

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Old 12-25-2018, 10:44 PM
Ken Ken is offline
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My free time for the last couple of days was spent using my EZ One instead of posting here. I made a desk for my M.I.L. for Christmas. She lives with us and is a keeper!

I had multiple setups on the EZ One all at the same time. 3 different crosscut flipstops as well as ripping to width. Two were standard flipstops that used to be used on PBB's and the third was part of a repeater that was used to extend the length of the top and add a flipstop. With this setup I could straightline rip then rip to width. Clean up and square an edge then crosscut to any of three lengths. This was done without changing the setup insuring exact repeatability on all cuts.

One thing that I have found in woodworking is that if a dimension is off 1/8" it really doesn't matter. Who cares if the desk that I built was 1/8" shorter or longer? What matters is that all the parts are cut with exact repeatability. This is what results in a project that goes together smoothly and looks good.

The top was a premade one from Lowes. The 1X lumber is Poplar. The legs were made from a 2X4. I still have to apply a clear coat, there was no time to get that done before Christmas.

I love the flexibility of the EZ System and have never found any other tools that work the way I do.
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Old 12-26-2018, 12:03 AM
davehodge davehodge is offline
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Nice job Ken it should last a long time 😁
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Old 12-28-2018, 09:13 PM
larryfoster larryfoster is offline
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This is a good thread.

I am a brand new EZ user.
(Actually, not yet a user. Just a very recent owner)

I bought the 118" track, the miter gauge and the UEG.

I found EZ on YouTube searching for cutting solutions for sheet goods in my narrow shop.
(9' wall to wall without stuff against the wall.)

Getting anxious to get out there and start cutting.

I appreciate Dino's perseverance and dedication.
Hope EZ continues to grow and this forum becomes busy again
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Old 01-03-2019, 09:10 PM
Ken Ken is offline
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More Random Thoughts

A clear and concise presentation on making bevel cuts and sizing panels with bevels on both sides should be made. Video format would be best as it would be difficult to do a satisfactory job in writing alone. Bevels are a sticking point for quite a few people and clear instruction making it an easy process would be of great benefit to new users of the system.

Use a storystick for settling up RIP cuts and bevels on the ez1. I think I will make and do a video on this at some point.

EZ rails do not have sticky strips on the bottom making them much easier to position on the work piece. This is especially true when using the cabinet maker or a long rail. I have never had a rail slide around on me while cutting.

Why on earth was the original smart table discontinued??? It is one of the best EZ tools ever invented. I still use mine all the time as a portable cutting table, although in the shop I use the new type that slides into the SME on the PBB. Fortunately I bought an extra set of the plastic extrusions before they were discontinued so I am good for the rest of my lifetime and probably my sons as well. My table has been in heavy service for over 10 years. It needs all new wood including the table itself but the plastic is still good as new. One of the best undocumented features of the table is that it is an excellent place to hold the tools that you are using. Mine always seems to have a hammer, block plane, chisels, screwdrivers screws/nails, pencils, and other misc junk on it. The supports keep items from rolling off the table. This is important for things like chisels that are kept sharp enough to shave with!

In my opinion the old smart clamps were more flexible then the new offerings. Or it could be that I am getting old and resistant to change?

Smart Clamping System Upgrade: I don't know if these were ever popular but they are real problem solvers. Defiantly not a frequently used item but they sure come in handy when working outside of my shop and away from a PBB.

In all the years that I have used the EZ System I can not recall a single time that I didnít feel safe while making a cut! This is a BIG DEAL with no skirmish feeling in over 13 years!

Long Rails? Out, donít need them because of the UEG. I am not going to get rid of my long rail but it is no longer a necessity.

Because of the Ripsizer or itís replacement the UEG, the Cabinet Maker now can be on a shorter rail and not get knocked out of square as easily. Mine previously was on a 64Ē rail but now a 36Ē rail is sufficient. Itís a win win situation. Both tools can now be smaller, lighter, and more functional at the same time.
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Old 01-03-2019, 10:06 PM
kenk kenk is offline
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I agree 100% about the value of the Smart Table. It needs to come back with an option to buy banquet table legs via Eurekazone. I suspect the pyramids are perceived as an alternative solution, but I like my Smart Table VERY MUCH, and with the banquet legs it stows away nice and small - relatively.

Though I haven't used the new lever style clamps, the old knob style Smart Clamps seem MUCH better and will be missed. I hope they come back. I assume this was a supplier tooling loss issue and not really planned.

I also agree that the Super Smart Clamping System - that allowed ripping of small dimensional lumber - is (was?) an awesome thing. Aside from building a super long homemade EZ One Max, these super clamps are (were?) the only other alternative I can think of (oops, the B300 Bridge is no longer for sale).

In my mind the long rails becomes needed when your ripping edge is not straight. I can't imagine not having one. I have an extra B300 Bridge and hope someday to create my own homemade extra long power bench - mostly just for long rips (I have an EZ One). BTW, my prefered 8 foot combination is a 64" track plus a 48" track (or in my case a fairly old 50" track).

I will never use a saw with a simple straight edge. I tried that before and it was a disaster - veering off the edge. The tracks provide a secure unwavering cut path and accurately (enough for me) predicts where the edges of the cut will be. Win & Win!!

My plan is to do short cross cutting with a sliding miter saw - gifted to me by my dear wife many years ago. Recently I looked up the price of a sliding miter saw ... OUCH!! I didn't realize how expensive they are. Sheesh!

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Old 06-18-2019, 10:44 AM
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Default The Square

I have read several comments on the forum about problems with the square.

First off the ability to do angles is something that all of the other squares lack. It is not often that I need to set the square up to make an angled cut but it is really handy from time to time.

Second extrusions are not perfect. Even if the square is perfectly square it will not work with all rails. For example I also have an old square that automatically aligns. It works fine with some rails but is just a hair off with others! Rails from other companies are no different. Some are perfect and some are very close. All manufacturers have a level of tolerances that they work in. To increase the tolerances to a more precise level raises cost exponentially. This is the best reason that I can think of for having an adjustable square, it guarantees that a precise setup is possible.

Third "The Fix" Sand the bottom of the square with some 36 grit to make a course surface. The problem with anodized aluminum is that it is very slick and the result is a square that is easily knocked out of square when bumped. Since roughing up the surface the square has been rock solid even on a rail long enough to cross cut 48".

The pics show my square on a short rail which I just used to build a deck. I still need to add a cap on the handrail. It was dropped and knocked off of the smart table more then a few times and remained dead on for the whole project. If you have trouble with your square give this a shot, it fixed it for me and turned the square into a great and reliable tool.
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