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Old 07-14-2011, 02:29 PM
RezenKraft RezenKraft is offline
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Thumbs up Amazing!!!

I was finally had time to assemble and use the EZ system yesterday for the first time and I was astounded by the ease and quality of cut using just the track, the EZ-ready Makita 5008 MGA, Smart Clamps, my Shop-Vac & portable work bench. I live in an apartment/condo so space and storage are are at a premium. I was able to trim down a roughly 2'x6' scrap of 1/2" BC plywood on my 11'x5' balcony in the remaining 8'x5'-ish space left with out removing 2 bikes and a BBQ thanks to the EZ Track. Once the saw was settled on the track all I had to do was walk along and keep the trimmed portion from binding the blade. Because I was using a scrap I was able to compare the milled edge, a cut edge from another edge guide, and the EZ cut. The EZ cut edge looks finished. Add to the cut the dust removal and this is not wood working like the old days. I had minimal clean up as well. I have several projects and these simple quality tools just made my life easier (or EZ-er.)

I could go on and I have other questions I'll post later but simply Wow, how often these days do we buy something that exceeds expectations. I can't wait to get the Smart Table and RipSizer going.

Best, Steve Grabe
Sierra Madre, CA
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