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Old 07-17-2011, 10:26 PM
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Default EZ = Chick magnet?

Well, maybe not that extreme, but here's the story:
-I'm working on a 1940's house for a lady client; wood shiplap walls with 1/4" paneling installed over the top of the shiplap some years ago. She wants some of the door openings enlarged, along with some other changes. This house has leaning walls and out of level floor, but my work needs to be level and square.
Enter the EZ track.
So, about mid-day last Friday, after I'd begun one of the door enlargements, she comes to check on progress. In the midst of the mess, she's verbally processing all of the changes I've done, and the ones I'm about to do. Then, she spies my 100" EZ track leaning against the wall. She's half-way into a sentence identifying the EZ track with something related to the house, and then stops abruptly, realizing she is clueless about what the track is. At that point, I quickly inform her that in order to make straight and level lines in this house, I set the EZ track to a laser level line, fasten it to the wall, and have my circular saw run on this track giving me a perfectly straight, level cut.
Before I'd finished my short explanation, she 'got it': she connected the cool and efficient way of doing what needed to be done in the best way possible, using the EZ track. Literally, her jaw dropped and she exclaimed with enthusiasm and admiration, "That is absolutely the most amazing thing ever!!" She was totally taken up with the concept.
So, maybe 'Chick magnet' is a bit strong, but, hey, maybe Dino's putting something in the aluminum extrusions we don't know about?
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